Sign On/Off Times
Following FCC regulation, WISS is only permitted to broadcast during daylight hours.
The following chart shows our approximate sign on and sign off times.

Sign On
Sign Off
January 7:30am 4:45pm
February 7:00am 5:30pm
March 6:15am 6:00pm
April 6:15am 7:45pm
May 5:30am 8:15pm
June 5:15am 8:45pm
July 5:30am 8:30pm
August 6:00am 8:00pm
September 6:30am 7:15pm
October 6:15am 5:15pm
November 6:45am 4:30pm
December 7:30am 4:15pm

FM 97.3 is on the air 24 hours a day. If you listen to WISS on AM 1100, turn your radio to FM 97.3 after 1100AM signs off!